miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010

Dance In The Rain

Dance in the rain

Some people are afraid of storms,
I dance in the rain.
Some of them lock themselves inside their homes.
Waiting for the storm to pass

I dance in the rain.
Watching the thunders breaking through the sky
flashing at the speed of light.

Some of them don't like to get wet
I dance in the rain
letting the drops of water fall down,
onto my hair, my hands, my lips.
It's gives me a feeling of freedom.

What are you feeling?
Come and dance with me.
The rain is calling us.
Don't be afraid, I'll be with you.
Look at them, inside their homes
waiting for the storm to stop

Don't be like them, enjoy every moment.
Be yourself; be free
don't let anyone tell you what to do.
Make your own decisions, and make your dreams come true.
So, what do you say? Wanna dance with me?

Let’s show to them, that we are not afraid
let's dance in the rain.

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    askjdhaskjgasyfgskdfuy mi kerer bailar abajo de la lluviaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    *-* me gustaaaaaa muchooooo


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