miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010

Rotten World (13/08/08)

You were left behind, with the pain and the sorrow
you're a broken winged angel
Lost in the dark, watching the world fall into pieces.
Love is not longer here,
the world has been rotten.

It's like I'm blind,
I Can't find light, there's not a single spark
You were pulled apart from us.
I need you now, we need you now.
We're cursed.
This world is falling apart
we can't turn back the time.
Our chance is gone.

Crying your heart out
every thing is lost, there's no hope for us.
We could have changed this,
but is too late
too late...
even to save ourselves

Don't let shadows take control,
Keep fighting, keep believing, we can do it.

I want to set you free,
from this walls that keep you soul chained in,

ran into the light,
don't ever look back
darkness will fall, as the sun rises,
from a brand new day.

Don't let the shadows take control
keep fighting; keep believing
we can do it.

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